Bitchcraft: an experiment

Experiment #3: Bitchcraft

Bitchcraft was performed on March 6th and 7th, 2015
for a sold out run at the Neville Austin Studio in the Fringe Creation Lab.


Based on the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Conceived and Written by the Coven
Directed by Alexander Kentris and Katy Murphy
Featuring Laurel Brady, Jennifer Busuttil, Amanda Cordner, Carly Hall,
Annelise Hawrylak, Thalia Kane, Risa Kastelic, and Megan Miles

Wanna know more about the cast and crew? Meet the coven here.

Arthur Miller + Mean Girls + American Horror Story

2015. A group of high school girls meet for a sleepover. Hazel’s birthday party starts off innocently enough: underage drinking, a game of Never Have I Ever, and some playful banter. But when a Ouija board is given as a gift, the spirit of Abigail Williams from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is released possessing the girls. Abigail needs something from the girls, and instigates a witch hunt to discover whose mystical powers can free her spirit. Girl is pitted against girl, witch against witch, and the coven is tested.

What’s an Experiment?

Bitchcraft is the third project in a series of live performance events we call “experiments”. These are short, radical reinterpretations of classic texts that are put on with minimal rehearsal, expense and no frills production values. It is an opportunity for us to collaborate with new artists, hone our skills, and gives us an opportunity to get our name out into the wider artistic community.