Bitchcraft played a sold-out run The Box Toronto Oct 22-25, 2015.

Directed by Alex Kentris & Katy Murphy
Created by Pure Carbon and the Ensemble
Featuring Laurel Brady, Jennifer Busutill, Amanda Cordner, Carly Hall,
Annelise Hawrylak, Thalia Kane and Meara Tubman-Broeren
Stage managed by Sean Miller
Photography and poster design by John Brodie Visual Media
To meet the cast and crew, click here

Mean Girls + Arthur Miller + American Horror Story

2015. Salem, Massachusetts. A group of high school girls meet for a sleepover. Hazel’s birthday party starts off innocently enough: underage drinking, a game of truth or dare, and some playful banter. But when a Ouija board is given as a gift, the spirit of Abigail Williams, the instigator of the Salem Witch Trials, is released. Girl is pitted against girl, witch against witch, and the coven is tested.

The Witches Are Back

Just in time for Halloween, the witches are back! Come experience the fun, the fear, the feels and the frenzy that is Bitchcraft. The show was originally devised as part of Pure Carbon’s Experiment Series, using Arthur Miller’s The Crucible as an inspiration. After the sold out workshop this spring, the coven returns with this revised production – more laughs, more screams and more party. You are invited to Hazel’s 18th birthday party –  black clothes, dark lipstick and and a taste for danger are all you need to attend.