64 Ways to Die: A Shakespeare Death Cabaret

64 Ways to Die: A Shakespeare Death Cabaret was performed on July 19th, 2014 at the Glad Day Book Shop and was hosted by Amanda Cordner.

An encyclopedic variety show of every death from Shakespeare’s tragedies performed in every style imaginable. We’re talking everything from slam poetry, physical theatre, burlesque, drag, puppetry, clown, performance art, and traditional Elizabethan performance. Highlights include the final scene of Hamlet as a drinking game, Cleopatra performing a deathly strip tease, Romeo and Juliet taking selfies and hashtagging from the tomb, and an epic pie fight that ends everyone in Titus Andronicus.


Blue Bigwood-Mallin / Polonius
Kristin Boivin / Goneril, Rosencrantz, Emilia, Titus
Laurel Brady / Ophelia, Mercutio
Amanda Cordner / Lady Macbeth, Julius Caesar
Brooklyn Doran / Stabbing Song
Jamie Ebbs / Gertrude, King Lear, Alarbus
Erin Eldershaw / Cordelia
Carly Hall / Lady Montague, Desdemona, Coriolanus, Iras
Alexander Kentris / Cinna the Poet, Gloucester, Lucius
Sebastian Marziali / Macbeth, Cleopatra
Katy Murphy/ Macduff Family, Lavinia
Eric Rich / Tybalt, Portia, Laertes, Guildenstern
Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah / Othello
Rodrigo Trigueres / Brutus, Edmund, Antigonus
Meara Tubman-Broeren/ Juliet, Tamora, Claudius, Regan
Jonathan Walls / Romeo, Enobarbus, Hamlet, Saturninus

Curated by Alexander Kentris and Katy Murphy