Bitchcraft: The Coven

untitled-226-EditLaurel Brady as Sabrina
For Pure Carbon: Sabrina (Bitchcraft: the experiment),Catherine/Phantom (La Loca), Ophelia/Mercutio (64 Ways to Die: A Shakespeare Death Cabaret), Irina (Three Sisters: an experiment)

Laurel Brady is an actor, writer, and creator of the “For The Love Of Writing” workshops. She has written and performed in her own plays “Early Retirement” and “Surfacing” as well as written and performed in many other theatre projects/festivals such as Lab Cab, Fringe and Paprika Festival. Laurel has recently expanded her work to writing and acting for film. Laurel is delighted to be joining Pure Carbon for their remount of “Bitchcraft” and is so thankful to be working with such a talented group of women (And Men-Alex and Sean). Thank you for coming and enjoy the show!

untitled-239-EditJennifer Busuttil as Freya
For Pure Carbon: Freya (Bitchcraft: the experiment)

Jennifer Busuttil is a passionate storyteller from Windsor, On. After graduating from the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts (2013) Jennifer joined the theatre company No Parachute Theatre (Katelyn McCulloch) as an ensemble member. She appeared in “Fragments”, “Don’t Blink”, and “Hotsy Totsy”. Jennifer was first seen working with Pure Carbon Theatre for “Experiment #3: Bitchcraft” and is thrilled to be working with them again!   When Jennifer isn’t acting she’s seen directing Cirque-ability’s kids shows or dangling from a circus apparatus.

untitled-182-EditAmanda Cordner as Lena
For Pure Carbon: Lena (Bitchcraft: the experiment), Host/Lady Macbeth/Julius Caesar (64 Ways to Die: A Shakespeare Death Cabaret), Natalia (Three Sisters: an experiment)

Amanda Cordner is a graduate of York University’s Faculty of Theatre and since graduating has gone on to create theatre and performance art with several festivals and companies within the city: Toronto Fringe Festival, Lab Cab Festival, Festival of Clowns, Nuit Blanche, Hart House Theatre, Pure Carbon, and Buddies in Bad Times. She is eagerly looking forward to the release of Applebox Film Co.’s new witty and comedic web-series called The Village Green. Amanda plays a small town school teacher who is desperate to save her school house and town from economic devastation. The one local police officer and mayor convince her that the only way to save their village is to plant and sell marijuana. Earlier this month she performed as the Chorus in Alumnae Theatre’s staged production of Antigone. It has been an exciting year for Amanda both on stage and on-camera.

untitled-190-EditCarly Hamilton-Hall as Hazel
For Pure Carbon: Hazel (Bitchcraft: the experiment), Desdemona/Lady Montague/Iras/Coriolanus (64 Ways to Die: A Shakespeare Death Cabaret)

Carly Hall graduated from the York University Creative Ensemble Theatre program. Having started her career with the Toronto Paprika Festival she has had many wonderful opportunities to showcase herself not only as an Actor but a Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Director and Stage Manager. Her past roles have included April in Anthology of Endurance (18 Monks Collective); Erin in Dinosaur Ego (Fringe Festival 2010); Anna in Always Wear a Rubber (Fringe Festival, Paprika Festival); Ensemble in HAIR (First Act Productions) and Adelaide in Guys And Dolls (First Act Productions). This coming February she will be taking the stage as Marian the lead in The Music Man! Carly has a passion for working with kids and for the past four years she has been the Artistic Educational Director for the Silver Canvas Productions company. She has worked with Pure Carbon a number of times and is so excited to get the witches back together again!

untitled-177-EditAnnelise Hawrylak as Bridget
For Pure Carbon: Bridget (Bitchcraft: the experiment), Beatriz/Phantom (La Loca)

Long before the movie rights were sold, other kids made fun of Annelise because of her resemblance to one Hermione Granger. This wasn’t a compliment yet, but she pressed on, raising her hand, waxing her bushy eyebrows, and secretly waiting for her letter. When she turned eleven and there wasn’t an owl in sight, Annelise had to reconfigure her entire life plan. Instead of magical law, she chose to study music at Brandon University, and went on to become an actor at the Randolph Academy. Today, she is both a witch and an actor. Dream come true.

untitled-211-EditThalia Kane as Kate
For Pure Carbon: Kate (Bitchcraft: the experiment), Mother (Red Winter)

Elsewhere: Sh*t Song for Some Island (AimForTheTan/Newborn), The Skriker (ROTC-NOW Top Ten Theatre Productions 2014), The Good Story (BeautifulObedient), Misplaced Kisses (Newborn), Pericles, Boot Hill, The Shop Bell Tolls (Bishops University), Antoinette En Secret (MHS Theatre) Ubu (The Clowninators) Film: Bike + Toronto (Short), Life Of The Party (Short)Upcoming: Long For Me, Long Ago (Crave Productions) ETC: Thalia is a multidisciplinary artist born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick, currently based in Toronto. She works at the social media coordinator for The Storefront Theatre. When she isn’t in a theatre she can be found wandering the streets of Toronto with her ukulele. Contact her at

untitled-223-EditMeara Tubman-Broeren as Isabelle
For Pure Carbon: Marty (The House of Bernadette Alba), Red (Red Winter), Juliet/Regan/Claudius/Regan (64 Ways to Die: A Shakespeare Death Cabaret), Masha (three sisters: an experiment)

Meara Tubman-Broeren is a theatre creator, director, and producer. Recent projects include producing Take Me Back to Jefferson (Theatre Smith-Gilmour), We Walk Among You (Artichoke Heart Collective), and Here After (Upstart Theatre), directing In the Dust (Ad Hoc Collective) and The Things I Need to Know (Paprika Festival), and devising and performing in Red Winter (Pure Carbon Collective) and The Boomerang Project (Mixed Company Theatre). She has worked with companies such as the Rhubarb Festival, Theatre Gargantua, selfconscious Theatre, the Toronto Fringe, and Dancemakers. She is currently the Metcalf Foundation Artistic Producing Intern at SummerWorks Performance Festival and a participant in Nightwood Theatre’s Write from the Hip program.